Something You May Have Missed in Portal 2! Come Back

An awesome Easter Egg hidden in Portal 2. Comeback when Wheaty tells you to. Learn how you can unlock the Pit Boss Achievement. Portal 2 is one of the best games in history, a hands down recombination!


A quick tip on designing 2D levels with 2D camera angle

This is a quick tip that can help you solve the problem of having 3D cameras appearing in spawning and dying with 2D levels.

Hope you find this helpful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I will answer them best I can.

Atmosphir Vehicles Sneak Peek and Discussion

For having more than 1,500 likes in Atmosphir Facebook Page, Atmosphir has released the surprised as promised.

Check it out for yourself!

Here are some additional notes

This is a prototype. This is not even close to the final version. The vehicle is most likely a placeholder. I would prefer that we have a discussion on vehicles in Atmosphir rather than how this specific example is like.

Also, I would like to point out that Dave mentioned in the Atmosphir Live, in which he showcased the desktop version, that they were thinking about ways to create your own vehicles. Because that’s what’s Atmosphir is all about: going creative.

Now, what if we have a vehicle browser, where users can share vehicles they create. For example, players would be able to import vehicles from the vehicle browser into their designs. That would be epic.

Perhaps a vehicle property would allow us to change its speed, type, number of players that can be in the vehicle (think Halo), and, perhaps, weapon. How about vehicles that can fly.

We don’t need to ask what type of vehicles we want. We need to ask ourselves what type of vehicles we can create!


Community member turkeylurkey had some great and descriptive ideas that I think are worth mentioning in the front page so that everybody can see.

Here are ways that vehicles can be implemented, according to turkeylurkey:
1. Put together some sort of structure, select it all, and set it as a vehicle, then little wheels appear on the side.

2. A picture of that vehicle will appear on the powerup (much like how you select a level screenshot, you select a vehicle one)

3. Collect the powerup, you’re in the vehicle

4. drive with your regular arrow keys, I’ll get to the rest later.

5. Exit the car by pressing a button of some sort.

6. Vehicle Properties So you’ve selected the vehicle and now your powerup is ready to be collected. In that powerup’s properties, you can edit the speed, handling, IF IT CAN JUMP, if it has weapons (I’ll get to the weapons in a bit), and how much damage it does when you run over a person or muka.

7. Vehicle Weapons: You can select from a few different things, lasers, bombs, spikes, whatever. Bombs mean that when you press the attack button when in the car, it fires a bomb out of it. Same goes for lasers, spikes will do damage to any car that hits it. You can also have no weapons.

8. If you’re lazy, or if you don’t want to drive around in a giant boxy tank, you can select from some pre-made vehicles like go-karts or whatever.

Tips for Creating Great Atmosphir Profile Pictures!

Here are some quick tips on creating profile picture of Atmosphir. Many asked me to give tips on creating cool looking profile pics, and I hope this video will help those who might be asking the same questions now and in the future.

Here is a text version of the points mentioned in the video.

Tips and Tricks on Creating Great Profile Pictures

Content means what you actually want to show in your profile picture. You can take one of several approaches. You can either feature your avatar in your profile pic, or you can display a block-art. You can even showcase a scene! We will take a look at all of these in detail. Okay, so let’s get down to business. We will start with the character first.

So, if you decide to feature your avatar in your profile pic, here are some guidelines. If you are going to show you character, you need to make sure that your character is the central focus. This is because your profile picture are displayed in small sizes in most part of the Atmosphir website, and if you have too many things going on in your picture, it loses focus. Even in a relatively large size of a snapshot, it becomes hard to see the details of the snapshot when we try to include a lot of things. So, if you are going to showcase your character, only pay attention to your character. I recommend taking from the torso up, but you can do anything you like, as long as you keep the focus.

Another important part of profile pictures with an avatar is the avatar’s pose. Have your character do an action and pause the game while he/she is doing it. For example, I can have my character swipe his sword and pause the game. I can quickly unpause it and pause it again. I can keep doing this until it looks right. You can also play around with the animations. Just set an animation to a number key, and you can, then hit that number key to start the animation and pause the game. My advice is to play around with these, and you can be sure to find a good pose.

For a good profile picture, you want to take some time in think of what sort of background you want to feature. And the best way to do this is through the design mode. This is where you get complete freedom of creating your atmosphere. Play with the sky color. Or set props that you think makes sense. However, remember that you character should always be in focus. Do not make it so that your background is highlighted more than your character itself!

Now suppose you want to have a dark background. A dark scene is great for a background, but you don’t want your character to blend into the darkness. You want to have good lighting. A good lighting can really make your avatar shine…literally! Try placing a lamp and standing before it. This will highlight your character and bring attention to it. As you can see, you can have a dark background but your character can still be lit!

Block-arts provide you with great opportunities to go really creative with the designing of your profile picture. You can make anything you want. But be sure that it the size of your block art fits the snapshot and that we can recognize the art even when your profile picture is small. My second advice is to create something that is unique, and that will make your art stand out. If people remembers your block art after seeing it only few times, consider yourself very successful. Here are a couple of examples of profile pictures created of block arts.

Few moments ago, I was talking about backgrounds, and I said to focus on the character. However if you want to capture a scene in your profile picture, do the opposite. Forget the character and create a scene that looks great. Don’t just cram too many things. Remember, you would rather have a simple, yet with good quality than complex but ugly.

General Guidelines
Okay. Now that we touched upon some tips of making good looking profile pictures, let’s recap.
1) Make a choice: Character, Block-Art, or Scene. And focus on that
2) Play around with your poses and lightings. If you are doing block-arts or a scene, ask yourself how your picture is unique
3) Best of all, your profile picture represents you in the Atmosphir community. Make it yours, and make it unique. And best of all, have fun!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them below.

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