Want a Casual Future Pack Training Ground? Here You Go!

Anti Aphelian Infiltrator Force Alpha by aamid96

With the release of the future pack 1 yesterday, I was looking for levels to play that allowed me to test the new content in action. However, as are most “new content test levels”, I enjoined in many boring levels, with a bunch of new future blocks and enemies all over the place.

I did find a couple of good levels to play, however. But today, I stumbled upon another test level that was not only fun to play, but it also let me explore some new play strategy that comes with the future pack bundle.

What surprised me is that I later realized that the level is from one of my friends, whom I know personally. I always considered aamid96 to be a much better designer than I, and his levels prove it!

Well, this new future pack “test” level ended up being more of a training level for all of us who want to get used to the new update. It wasn’t a level spammed with new blocks, but rather, it was a simple environment that was really fun to run around in. Small details bring life to this level. But my favorite part of the level is the fact that I was able to explore the new strategies that update 16 brings.

The enemies act as guards, and they are placed in a way that make the environment and context that much more realistic. But the best part of it is that I felt like in a real FPS game. I would hide in corners and quietly take down the Aphelion Marauders that guard the place. I only have three lives and limited health powerups, and thus, the strategy is needed.

You will have to find and kill the boss and return to safety. Not only are the Aphelion Marauders and bots guard you from reaching the boss, more quickly come to surround you after they receive the news of the Boss’s defeat. They are not willing to let you get a way that easily!

What I loved about this level is that it is simple. I have played a lot of great, complex, levels. But it has been a long time since I played a simple level and concept that is actually fun. There is no enemy spams, and enemy health has been adjusted to create a balance of fun and challenge.

You can do your best and avoid many of the guards and kill the boss, run back to safety in a couple of minutes, but then you are not doing yourself a favor. I invite you to actually take down as many of these as you can and then claim victory. Not only will you have fun, but also you will boost your leaderboard ranking.

So go ahead and give yourself a break with this casual, yet enjoyable adventure!

You can play the level here.

We love feedback. So tell us what you thought about this level. Feel free to praise the level or be overly critical. It is your feedbacks that help us become better designers.


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