Atmosphir Vehicles Sneak Peek and Discussion

For having more than 1,500 likes in Atmosphir Facebook Page, Atmosphir has released the surprised as promised.

Check it out for yourself!

Here are some additional notes

This is a prototype. This is not even close to the final version. The vehicle is most likely a placeholder. I would prefer that we have a discussion on vehicles in Atmosphir rather than how this specific example is like.

Also, I would like to point out that Dave mentioned in the Atmosphir Live, in which he showcased the desktop version, that they were thinking about ways to create your own vehicles. Because that’s what’s Atmosphir is all about: going creative.

Now, what if we have a vehicle browser, where users can share vehicles they create. For example, players would be able to import vehicles from the vehicle browser into their designs. That would be epic.

Perhaps a vehicle property would allow us to change its speed, type, number of players that can be in the vehicle (think Halo), and, perhaps, weapon. How about vehicles that can fly.

We don’t need to ask what type of vehicles we want. We need to ask ourselves what type of vehicles we can create!


Community member turkeylurkey had some great and descriptive ideas that I think are worth mentioning in the front page so that everybody can see.

Here are ways that vehicles can be implemented, according to turkeylurkey:
1. Put together some sort of structure, select it all, and set it as a vehicle, then little wheels appear on the side.

2. A picture of that vehicle will appear on the powerup (much like how you select a level screenshot, you select a vehicle one)

3. Collect the powerup, you’re in the vehicle

4. drive with your regular arrow keys, I’ll get to the rest later.

5. Exit the car by pressing a button of some sort.

6. Vehicle Properties So you’ve selected the vehicle and now your powerup is ready to be collected. In that powerup’s properties, you can edit the speed, handling, IF IT CAN JUMP, if it has weapons (I’ll get to the weapons in a bit), and how much damage it does when you run over a person or muka.

7. Vehicle Weapons: You can select from a few different things, lasers, bombs, spikes, whatever. Bombs mean that when you press the attack button when in the car, it fires a bomb out of it. Same goes for lasers, spikes will do damage to any car that hits it. You can also have no weapons.

8. If you’re lazy, or if you don’t want to drive around in a giant boxy tank, you can select from some pre-made vehicles like go-karts or whatever.


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